Want a stronger back? Building lean muscle can certainly be the answer!

tackle back pain the right way

Having a weak back is the number one reason for a painful back nowadays, with sitting the whole day coming closely at number 2.

In fact, according to Aca today: “31 million Americans suffer from back pain at any point in time”.

That is quite a huge figure in the big realm of things.

Most people decide that the best way to combat their lower back pain is to go see a chiropractor, or take pain killers. These are both valid methods, and certainly would make any chiropractor happy as they would bring in more patients to their clinics. However, acting in the best interests of most Americans is this article which looks to tackle the root cause of the problem.

How can we grow a stronger lower back and prevent pain and injures?


The answer to this is simple. Build a stronger back, and to do this you need to engage in regular strength training (lifting weights) and building lean muscle.

Building lean muscle is not a privilege only bodybuilders should have, in fact research has shown that strength training has its benefits for anyone, especially when it comes to prevention of injuries.

Top 3 ways of building muscle for a injury-free lower back

1. Strength Training

Join your local gym and start with building your foundations. Aim to go at least 3 times per week to begin with and focusing on compound exercises such as: deadlifts, squats, bench press, military press etc. These will help you with building your foundation for a stronger core, and thus your lower back.

2. Yoga (Stretching)

Working out at the gym and destroying those muscles fibers will equate in stronger and bigger muscles which will not only be physically pleasing to see but your body musculoskeletal system will develop far stronger and help you prevent those unwanted injuries.

Engaging in activities such as yoga (which is far more glamorous and appealing not just physically but spiritually and mentally) will deliver great benefits in aiding for a balance between the ying yang of the body. In other words, will help muscles stretch and aid with flexibility which are crucial when avoiding injuries.

3. Take supplements to aid body building and recovery


Supplements are a highly debated topic due to the notorious reputation of the supplement industry. We recommend that a supplement such as Blackwolf workout which has a review here, could prove highly beneficial as it is the only supplement we found in the market to have a pre, intra and post-workout solutions for both men and women. This makes the process of not knowing what to have before, during and after a workout a much simpler one.

Although, 1st Chiropractic Life does not necessarily endorse this workout product, its reviews can be found here.

Likewise, for recovery we recommend an omega 3 fish oil to aid with its anti-inflammatory properties in the body.